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blade runner by rollerblade
best rollerblades for men
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Carbon Fiber Flat Roller Blades Hv Professional Inline Skates

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  • Sole material: Carbon Fiber
  • Product category: Roller Blades
  • Wheel type: Single Row
  • Upper material: Soft Top Shoes
  • Wheel material: PU
  • Color: Carbon Fiber Blue, Carbon Fiber Yellow, Carbon Fiber Purple
  • Applicable gender: General 
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High-quality fabrics: comfortable high-quality fabrics. Not only is it breathable and wicking, it is also soft, antibacterial and heat dissipation. It is a good choice for this season.

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Select high-quality sponge, the same raw materials as Migao.
The special sponge is made of high-meter high HV sponge. It has a perfect design and has a refreshing and breathable texture. It uses the principle of air convection to make it more cool and breathable.

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The design is close to the foot and the shoe body, which wraps the foot well.
Refer to the ergonomic principle, it is more comfortable to wear and better wrapped.

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Super stable and compressive base, can be equipped with various tool holders.
The material strength and ductility are very safe, the humanity design is rigorous, the structure is firm, and the sliding safety is guaranteed to the greatest extent.

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