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Youth  Inline Skates
where to buy roller blades
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Youth  Inline Skates

Best Professional Outdoor Street Freestyle Youth Inline Skates Kids

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Product Description

  • Anti-impact shoe shell, crashworthiness, protection of feet.
  • Washable and comfortable inner gall.
  • Simple and easy to use design a focus on stability.
  • Skates are the perfect beginner/intermediate skate to get you cruising around in no time.
  • Our inline skates come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, reach out to us if there's ever anything you need, we are dedicated to addressing any product/service issues and is committed to delivering a 5-star experience for all buyers.


  • Color: Black, Red, Blue
  • Wheel material: PU
  • Liner material:Breathable mesh
  • Adjustable or unadjustable: Unadjustable
  • Applicable to: Female, Male

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