Three or four-wheel roller blades?

 Are you a maestro or novice roller skater? Have you used it for fitness or cruising roads on speed? Do you think three wheel inline skates are better than four wheel rollerblades? Does the number of wheels make a big impact on your efficiency or skill? This detailed article entails every inch of information to choose three wheel inline skates or four wheel roller blades that are best suited to your preferences.


Roller skating is perceived to be a perfect sport and relaxing technique while exercising professionally or recreationally. The market has a wide range of rollerblades in which you can opt according to your purpose and personal choice. There are many types of fitness inline skates; sports inline skates and recreational inline skates cater to various age groups according to their preferences.

When you consider buying an inline roller skate, you have to choose between three wheels inline skates or four wheel rollerblades. They cater to different age groups and use freestyle inline skating, street hockey inline skating, recreational inline skating, or fitness purposes.

What do you think either four wheels inline skates are better or three wheels inline roller blades? What are the differences between a three wheel and a four wheel skate?

Before you start a comparison between them, it’s essential to know what kind of skating you want to do. 

Well, there are features to both types. Let’s explore them first.

Table of content
1. Features Of Three Wheel Inline Skates And Four Wheel Inline Rollerblades
1.1. Number Of Wheels
1.2. Size And Speed
1.3. Stability
2. Indepth Analysis Of  Three Wheel Rollerblades Versus Four Wheels Rollerblades
2.1.Reasons To Choose Three Wheel Inline Skates
2.2.Drawbacks Of Three Wheel Inline Skates
2.3.Reasons To Choose Four Wheel Inline Rollerblades
2.4.Drawbacks Of Four Wheel Inline Rollerblades
3. Which Inline Rollerblade Type Is Suitable For Skaters?
3.1.Cross-Training Skating
3.2.Speed Skating
3.3.Street Skating
3.4.Freestyle Skating
4. Professional Recommendation
4.1.For Inline Skates 3 Wheels
4.2.For Four-Wheel Rollerblades
5. Conclusion

1. Features Of Three Wheel Inline Skates And Four Wheel Inline Rollerblades

Before making a decision, you must understand the difference between three wheel inline skates and four wheel Inline Rollerblades. Let us explore both options and figure which one works best for your scenario.

1.1. Number Of Wheels:

Inline skate with three wheels is often called tri-skates. They are not an ideal option for beginners, because they do not provide much stability than four wheel roller blades.

Three wheel inline skates are not suitable for slalom tricks because they are slightly harder for tricks, jumps and slides, definitely not for big jumps, grinding, etc. They are comparatively higher than four wheels rollerblades.

On the other hand, four Wheel Inline Rollerblades have four wheels and they are more stable and provide excellent support to beginners.

Moreover, four wheel inline rollerblades are lower, closer to the ground and more comfortable to jump. Mostly Skaters use them for slalom tricks. They are easier to control in general.

1.2. Size And Speed:

Three Wheel inline skate's wheel size ranging from 100mm above and gives the skater a long stretch with every glide.

However, three wheel inline skates go faster because of the big wheels, but they are not an excellent pick for beginners or speed skaters. Large wheels tend to ride on faster speed and overcome road bumps and crack more easily.

On the contrary, four wheel inline rollerblades are the most common inline skate setup. You will find many types of four wheel inline rollerblades depending on whether you are into aggressive skating or recreational ones. Four wheel setups use smaller wheels like 80mm and 84 mm.

Moreover, maintaining high speeds on the four wheel rollerblade is not easy as you need more strength for each lift-off.

1.3. Stability:

When it comes to performance and stability, four wheel inline rollerblades provide more steadiness and flexibility for different purposes. Better weight disbursement help in easy to learn and you can improve overtime quickly.

On the other hand, Three Wheel inline skates are less stable than four wheel rollerblades.

2. Indepth Analysis Of Three Wheel Rollerblades Versus Four Wheels Rollerblades

When it comes to buying the appropriate three or four wheel rollerblades, you have to consider and understand their befits and drawbacks first to find the correct model. Both three and four wheel inline rollerblades have major attractions and a variety of wheel setting options to support different skatig styles. However, there are drawbacks as well to watch out for.

Thus, before making any random choice on the basis of how a rollerblade looks cool, you should be spending money sensibly. Here are some reasons and drawbacks of both rollerbade types that you should consider before making a purchase

2.1. Reasons To Choose Three Wheel Inline Skates

Three Wheel Inline Skates

 Three wheel inline skates gained overwhelming appreciation right after their launch and release in the skating industry. The skating industry has always tried to do different experiences. They wanted to make wheels bigger and better in terms of size and maneuverability.

Let see why skaters opt for three wheel inline skates.

2.1.1. Wheel Size

First and foremost reason to choose three wheels is the bigger wheels. Certainty, bigger wheels offer various advantages to the skaters. For instance, larger wheels effectively reduce vibration and provide a smooth ride. Moreover, they serve better over a more extended wear period.

The three wheel design help manufacturer to offer large wheels under a short wheelbase. Thus, they introduce wheel size of over 100 millimeters. Nowadays, you can find three wheel roller skates with a wheel size of 125 mm.

With bigger wheels, skaters can experience a smooth and better glide than ever. Three-wheels provide fast speed and maneuverability despite a shorter wheelbase.

2.1.2. Performance

Undoubtedly, larger wheels offer better and smooth glide. They offer top-end speed and provide a more efficient and satisfying skating experience to speedy, sports, or professional inline roller skaters. Glide effortlessly helps to increase your efficiency.
If you are into speed skating, large three wheel inline skates help you to win the race.

2.1.3. Maneuverability

Three wheel rollerskates need less maneuverability. They need more time to turn and stop. Three wheels skates are lightweight, nimble, and fun to use for speed skaters and professional skaters.

2.2. Drawbacks Of Three Wheel Inline Skates

2.2.1. Weight

Three wheels inline skates are heavier than four wheels because of wheel size. As a result, the skater needs more power for each push.

2.2.2. Not Suitable For Tricks

Three wheels inline skates are not recommended for slalom tricks because they are heavy in weight. Thus, they are slightly harder for tricks, jumps and slides, definitely not for big jumps, grinding etc. The wheels are higher from the surface than four wheel rollerblades.

2.3. Reasons To Choose Four Wheel Rollerblades

Four Wheel  Rollerblades

Inline roller skates come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Your choice depends on your requirement. Four wheel rollerblades are the most common inline skate setup and use for recreational  skating purposes.

Let’s explore why people opt four wheel rollerblades.

2.3.1. Stability

First and foremost reason to choose four wheels is stability. With smaller setup and smaller wheel sizes, four wheel rollerblades provide skaters better weight disbursement.

Four wheel Inline Rollerblades are closer to the surface and touching the grounds. Thus they can push off with two wheels. However, four wheelers are not as faster as three wheels, but they have more control.

They can smoothly perform tricks, jumps and slides, definitely for big jumps, grinding, etc. Four wheel inline skate support freestyle, recreational or aggressive type of skating. It offers more balance on wheels and stops quicker.

2.3.2. Performance

Four Wheel Rollerblades, or you can say Smaller wheels are lightweight than three wheel inline skates. Obviously, they provide better acceleration and deceleration due to their lightweight. Four wheel inline rollerblades are an ideal pick for beginners and recreational skaters.

2.3.3. Maneuverability

With easy to maneuver, four wheel Rollerblades offers adult skaters to achieve higher speeds using more and larger wheels.

2.4. Drawbacks Of Four Wheel Rollerblades

As four wheel rollblade inline skate has many advantages, as have many disadvantages too. Let’s see the other side of coin.

2.4.1. Speed

As compared to three wheel inline skates, four wheel roller blades are not fast. Speed skater doesn’t like them so much because of slow speed. Four wheel do not support smooth lift-off. Speed skaters find it difficult to maintain high speed.

2.4.2. Wheels Setup

The four wheel rollerblade inline skates do not support the 125mm above wheels setup. It results in taking comparatively more time for skaters to push effectively during maintaining their proper skating form.

2.4.3. Boring Look

As per professional or experienced skaters, the four wheel inline skates look quite boring and old school when compared with three wheel set up.

3. Which Inline Rollerblade Type Is Suitable For Skaters?

As we have explained earlier that skating is not reserved for recreational or fun activities only. People also pursue skating for setting trends, fitness, speed racing, dancing, slalom styling and so on. Be it three-wheel rollerblades or four wheel rollerblades, both serve different skating purposes for different skaters. Here are some of the most common skating styles with complimenting inline roller blades types. Let's find out which inline rollerblade may suit the skater's purpose perfectly!

3.1. Cross-Training Skating

Cross-training is commonly known for distant outdoor skating. This skating type requires the skater to be efficient in pushing the rollerblade promtly and maintaining the speed to enhance their training capability and achieve the goal.

Thus, four-wheel inline skates with 84-125mm wheel frame would perfectly suit the skaters seeking to cover long distance with boosted efficiency and cruising speed.

3.2. Speed Skating

Speed skating more commonly referred to as race wheeling or skating is all about the fastest speed driven performance with sharp turns. It requires the skaters to be very precise in selecting specialized outdoor inline speed skates wheel options, which may help to minimize the road resistance during high speed skating.

For this reason, three-wheel inline speed skates designed and optimized with 100-125mm wheel settings work best for speed skaters. Some options like 90mm wheel setup in tri-skates are also available to help out children or beginners. Not only wheel size but hardness of these type of skates are fine-tuned customized to adjust different surface conditions.

3.3. Street Skating

Street skating or urban skating style may look retro and cool but serves the basic purpose of fitness, fun and transportation by hitting up the roads. It requires the skaters to be very specific about their rollerblade wheel size and framework considering the rough street or surface conditions. Moreover, the skater needs to be prompt in making quick movements and turns when it comes to urban environment or street crowd.

To cater to the street style skating requirements, four-wheel inline skates may serve the right purpose with the correct wheel frame choice. All the skaters have to do is to upgade to wheel size ranging uto 76-125mm setup with approx. 82A wheels hardness to withhold every street skating hassles.

3.4. Freestyle Skating

Freestyle skating is usually connected with slalom practices, dancing and tricks performed both indoors and outdoors. It requires the skaters to make swift movements and glide gracefully to attract the audience attention. Moreover, skaters are hampered to perform artistic dance with mesmerizing moves by maneuvering cones, stability and maintaining balance.

Hence, four-wheel inline skates with 76-80mm wheel setup with hardnes of 80-88A work best for freestyle skaters. The larger framework provides stability to the skaters and ultimate control for professional skting practices.

4. Professional Recommendation

When it comes to buying the perfect pair of inline roller skates, the choice is totally yours as you are the one to predefine or set your skating goals and preferences. However, since this article entail every bit of information on three or four wheels roller skates. Here is the professional recommendation for skaters to make a choice based on their skills, efficiency and experience.

4.1. For Inline Skates 3 Wheels

These professional inline skates provide a pleasing overall look compared to other inline skates wheel setups. People with prior skating experience love to upgrade their three-wheels rollerblade from 3x110mm to 3x125mm frames. Mainly because 125mm roller skates single row would not compliment with four-wheel set up as it will become too big too handle.

These three wheel speed inline skates are one of their kind when it comes to fun and cruise thrilling. They may get you off the rail real quickly compared to four wheel setup so that you can cruise around super nimblessly. Also, three wheel setup is preferable for kids as smaller bootsize requires small skate frame. Moreover, kids crave for adventure and speed which can easily be accomplished with these types!

4.2. For Four-Wheel Rollerblades

The people who are whole-heartedly into slalom or dancing skating styles, these four wheel setups are your must grab ons! These freestyle inline skates offer a center pivot point which allow individuals to make amazing moves, jumps and jerks. The wheel-frame provides appropriate stability and nimblessness to the skaters that audience falls in love to watch the effortless skating experience.

These rollerblades offer stability so that dancers or skaters can firmly move around with desired speed range and also maintain their balance the way they want. Thus, these are perfect pair to increase your maneuvaribility while skating.

freestyle inline skates



Now that you are well aware of the appropriate types of skates you should be choosing for yourself with this article. Either be it speed skates(Speed Skating)or fitness inline skates, when you feel like rollerblading outside, you know which one to go for either three wheel or four wheel inline skates.

You may be a street skaters, a dancing skater, a free spirited roaming freak or speeding skater maniac, both type of rollerblades ensure onthing which is utmost fun, thrill, fitness and adventure. Thus, if you are looking for a place to order inline skates for outdoor use or inline skates indoor specific usage, go nowhere in vain!

Order now your desired skates three wheel inline rollerblade or four wheel inline skates at the most reliable.








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